Gue$$ What KI$$ Licen$ed Their Name To Now?

Posted by on June 12, 2009

kiss_potatoThere’s got to be a reason why KISS are one of the most merchandised bands ever – that is aside from bassist Gene Simmons’ lust to wring every dollar he can out of the nearly 40 year-old franchise. We’re assuming that reason is because fans keep buying the merch, or else companies would have stopped licensing the brand long ago.

Which brings us to KISS Mr. Potato Heads. If you want to rock and roll all night, but have to wake up the next morning to play with your damn kids because you weren’t wearing a KISS Kondom when you put the X in sex, then now you have something to buy that rugrat. The toys, which will be available in July via Promotional Partners in July, come in the likenesses of the Starchild, the Demon, the Spaceman and the Catman. They’ll come with some interchangable costumes, instruments, hairstyles, footwear and STDs to mix and match (just kidding about the STDs).  While this isn’t the dumbest thing the band’s attached their name to (that would be the KISS coffin), it’s hard to imagine Mr. Potato Head’s target demographic knowing or caring about a band about four generations removed from them.


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