71While they’re great for sports figures and fictional characters, bobbleheads just aren’t punk rock. Until now, that is. Aggronautix has unveiled limited-edition action figures of none other than deceased punk rock legend GG Allin and not-deceased Meatmen leader Tesco Vee. The 7″ high “Throbbleheads” will be limited to 2,000 for GG and 1,000 for Vee. Anyone doubting the authenticity of the figures should immediately notice the shit and blood-stained appearance of Allin’s likeness. The two figures will be distributed by MVD Entertainment Group and DKE Toys.

The genesis of Allin’s transformation from notorious bodily excretion-involving frontman to polyresin figure came when Aggronautix pitched Merle Allin, GG’s brother:

“I had been thinking about doing a GG figure for a while, so when the guys came to me with the idea, I was into it,” said Allin. “The proofing process took a long time, but we got it right. The doll looks really good and I’m happy with it.”

Vee is extremely psyched to become smaller as well:

“As a toy collector of two decades, and classic bobble head collector, imagine just how geeked I became, when informed that yours truly would enter the pantheon of ‘Throbblehead’ punk rock losers, along with poopy soulmate GG Allin!”

The figures are available now via Aggronautix and See of Sound and will be available at indie retailers, comic shops, dive bars, and jails (ok, we’re lying about the last two).