Who: Mina Caputo (former Life of Agony vocalist
What For: manufacturing, distribution and promotion of fourth solo album, As Much Truth As One Can Bear
Seeking: $35,000
Collected: $1,185
Days Left: 60
Chance of successful campaign: medium

The metal world was thrown for a loop several years ago when Life of Agony frontman Keith Caputo came out as transgender, transitioning from male to female and changing her name and identity to Mina Caputo. Life of Agony played their last shows in July of 2011,  and with Caputo’s sexual orientation generally accepted (and not too much of a surprise to some) by the metal community, not much has happened, save a few acoustic shows. But now Mina has returned with her fourth solo album (and first as Mina), As Much Truth as Once Can Bear.

Even though Life of Agony albums got less heavy with each subsequent release, Caputo’s solo album is far removed from their blend of metal and hardcore. In an interview with Billboard, she names Paul Simon, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and David Bowie as influences. And while the album has already been recorded (at a cost of $10,000), Caputo has started an Indiegogo campaign to cover manufacturing of the album, promotion of the CDs and distribution. Among the perks are having her cover a song for you, an intimate performance, or one of three guitars signed by her. Billboard has  premiered a (NSFW) video for the track “Identity” so you can get a feel for what the album sounds like before you decide to donate.