Tim Lambesis’ side project, the Arnold Schwarzenegger-obsessed Austrian Death Machine, went Total Brutal in 2008 and Double Brutal in 2009, but now the 32 year-old father of two and vocalist for As I Lay Dying has launched a crowdfunding campaign using the popular site, Indiegogo, to channel his inner Arnold and go Triple Brutal.

After the incredible response from fans Protest the Hero’s Indiegogo campaign to fund their next record, it’s not surprising that other metal artists would attempt to follow a similar model for a DIY approach without support from a label.  In fact, several bands have turned to the crowdfunding site in the weeks since PTH launched their successful campaign, including Lancaster, PA’s This or The Apocalypse, who launched a campaign just last week to raise funds for a new bus, with the plan to blow up their now non-functioning vehicle in their next music video if their goal is met.

Getting back to Austrian Death Machine’s campaign, not only is Lambesis putting his money where his mouth it, he’s also putting his ass on the line. For $69, you can punch him in his abs, and for $5,000, he’ll tattoo your initials on his ass. With 45 days left, the band have raised over 10% of their $63,000 goal. There’s no word yet on whether the third album would be released on Metal Blade, like the first two were.Check out a video after the jump.