Metal label Rogue Records doesn’t have a particularly large or well-known roster (Synthetic Breed, Means End, Humanity’s Last Breath and Dischordia are a few of it’s bands), but what they lack in size, they make up for in ambition. The label announced today that starting next week, they’ll be launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund a compilation album called Project Rogue – Titans that will team its acts up with all-stars, including members of  Cynic, Lamb of God, Napalm Death and System of a Down, to name a few. Here’s the full roster:

Raymond Herrera – Fear Factory/Arkaea
Rob Barret – Cannibal Corpse
John Boecklin – Devildriver
Chris Adler – Lamb Of God
Paul Masvidal – Cynic
Sean Reinert – Death/Cynic
Jon Howard – Threat Signal/Arkaea
Mitch Harris – Napalm Death
Jed Simon – Scar The Martyr/Strapping Young Lad
Frank Watkins – Obituary
Wayne Static – Static X
Shavo Odadjian – System Of A Down
Christian Olde Wolbers – Fear Factory/Arkaea
Pat Lachman – Damageplan
JD Schmidt – Nociceptor
Robert Luciani – Means End
Vincent Zylstra – Synthetic Breed

That’s an extremely impressive lineup of musicians, and many people would shell out to hear an album featuring all of the above. It’s unclear as to what shape the album will take. Also not mentioned in the press release are the premiums that will be available for those who donate. There is, however, a short clip with Cynic/Death drummer Sean Reinert. If everything is successfully funded (they’re seeking $70,000) they’re looking at putting the album out in the Fall digitally, and physically, on CD and vinyl. If you’re interested in finding out more about it, at least until June 9th when the project launches, you can follow the project on Facebook or YouTube.

Update: Below is an additional video clip featuring interviews with more of the participating musicians. Head over to Indiegogo to help make this dream project a reality.