The Bunny, The Bear singer arrested after fight with brother

Posted by on September 24, 2015

You can pretty much tell any story is going to be interesting when it begins with “Florida man arrested.”  This is no exception, but this time, the Florida man is Matthew Tybor, better known as the singer of Victory Records post-hardcore band The Bunny, the Bear. He was arrested on Tuesday (22) in Polk County for domestic violence and resisting an officer without violence. The 27 year-old was actually arrested not for striking a woman, however, but for getting in a fight with his brother. Here’s what he said after the fact, via Facebook:

Was a fight with my brother while we were drinking. In Florida if police come they have to make an arrest and is filed under a domestic misdemeanor even though the charges are being dropped. Just a little clarification from my part guys lol just a drunken brother battle

If you’re fighting with your brother enough that the cops have to come, that’s a problem, regardless of how drunk you might be. Then again, it could have been much worse, as some fights between brothers wind up with stabbings.



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