Native Construct robbed in Texas

Posted by on December 6, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 12.44.37 PMIt’s hard enough to make a living as a musician without worrying about crime, especially if you’re an up and coming band. Yesterday, Native Construct, currently on tour with Between the Buried and Me, Enslaved and Intronaut, were robbed in San Antonio TX in broad daylight. What’s odd is that it seems like the band caught the robbers in the act, but they were still able to escape. Among the stuff taken from them was the above Strandberg Boden OS 8 guitar, which is one of only 25 made worldwide, so if there’s any consolation from this, it’s that the guitar is going to be incredibly hard to pawn off. Here’s the band’s post:

Bad news incoming:

We were just robbed in San Antonio, Texas.

We came back from In N Out to two people in our van, tossing our backpacks (with our laptops, passports, and other valuables inside) as well as Poh Hock’s new Strandberg Boden OS 8 into their car parked alongside to conceal the break-in, which occurred in a Home Depot parking lot in broad daylight.

The guitar is pictured below. Any help in the form of shares, etc to get the word out about this unique guitar (in case it shows up in any pawn shops in the San Antonio area) is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, this also means we will likely not be able to make it to the Canada dates on this tour due to our passports being gone. Sorry, everyone.

There’s been an outpouring of support from fans and fellow musicians, and judging from several comments, they’ll likely be able to play the Canadian dates without a passport. While there hasn’t been a crowdfunding effort set up for the band, many of its fans seem more than ready to toss them some money, so we’ll update the story if that happens. The big takeaway is that bands should always keep their stuff with them if possible, even though the guitar might’ve been a little unwieldy to carry into a restaurant. Here’s hoping they get it back.


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