Man arrested for stealing 27 phones at Limp Bizkit show

Posted by on August 7, 2014

At a February show in Manchester, 27 concertgoers had another reason to regret going to see Limp Bizkit. That’s because thieves struck the show and stole 27 smartphones worth about $15,000 at the show. According to the Daily Mail30 year-old Stefu Costel’s apartment was raided and 27 phones were found stuffed inside a bag, all of which were stolen. Of course, Costel, originally from Romania, tried the “my brother’s friend gave me the bag to look after” excuse and said he didn’t know there were phones in it. That didn’t work, and he was sentenced to 14 months in jail after pleading guilty to having stolen goods.

During the sentencing, Judge Lindsey Kushner QC said that the thefts were a “plague” and lent his nation a bad name. The raid on Costel’s apartment came just two days after the concert, and he’s a career criminal, having done the same thing in 2013 at the Reading Festival. He also had a prior conviction for conspiring to steal from bank customers in a credit card scam. Looks like he’ll have 14 months to think about his wrongdoing, by which time Stampede of the Disco Elephants might actually be released.


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