Last night, we hit Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar to see Darkest Hour headline a sold-out show. Immortal Bird, one of the openers, put on a show that impressed the near-sold out crowd, then went to a friend’s house before their show in Boston tonight. Sometime after 3am, after the Chicago quartet parked their van in Bay Ridge, it was stolen. Not only was it their source of transportation for the band, who were eight dates into a 19-date tour, but all of their equipment and merch was in the van as well. The NYPD found video of the van at the Verrazano Narrows Bridge at 6am, and the band believes they may have been followed from the show.

As a result of this despicable act, Immortal Bird will miss their show tonight in Boston. They’re hoping to be able to continue their tour with Withered after that. They’ve set up a gofundme page to get them back on tour. PLease consider donating, and if you’re in New York or New Jersey and see a black 2006 Ford E350 with Illinois plates that looks like the one above, call a cop. Details of gear are at the Gofundme page.