Getting Stabbed Didn’t Stop Reign Supreme’s Guitarist From Playing Show

Posted by on April 29, 2013

Wow, they don’t fuck around in Philly. Yesterday, Reign Supreme guitarist Dave Heck was hanging out in his backyard when someone stabbed him. Unfazed by the incident, he got stitches and was still able to play their show last night in Phoenixville PA. When asked by Lambgoat for more clarification, the band issued the following statement.

“Dave walked out of his house into his back yard. Some dude, we don’t really know who, jumped him. Dave thought it was a friend, joking, then realized it was actually an assailant. Guy pulls out a knife. Dave goes, “What the fuck are you going to do with that?”. Guy stabs Dave in stomach. Dave goes to hospital, gets some stitches. He’s totally ok, thank god. Nothing serious, injury-wise, just a flesh wound. Now, hopefully kids who are into pretending they are from the streets will give our stupid fucking band a listen. Thanks.”

A statement on the band’s Facebook page stated “Yes, Dave got stabbed last night, got stitched up, and we played anyway. He is fine, and we are not cancelling any shows.” That’s a pretty insane chain of events. I’m not sure how someone could randomly get stabbed by someone they didn’t know while in their back yard. Seems a little suspect, but hey, it’s hard to think of anything more hardcore than getting stabbed and still playing a show.

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