Khonsu give Bjork a black metal makeover

Posted by on March 19, 2014


While Bjork has gotten more avant-garde as her career’s progressed, her first two solo albums were pretty great, and the best song she’s got is “Army of Me.” Aggressive and electronic at it’s early-90s best, the song was angsty and angular enough to be covered by Helmet. As part of their EP, Traveller, Norwegian progressive band Khonsu have covered the song. It’s heavier than any version we’ve heard before, and also over two minutes longer than the original. The EP also features an original song, “Visions of Nehaya,” as well as “Traveller” and “Ix,” two covers of Keep of Kalessin songs, a band that Kohnsu shares members with. The original song will be on the band’s sophomore album, due this fall.

For posterity’s sake, we’ve also included the original “Army of Me,”  as well as Helmet’s cover.

Here’s Bjork’s:

and here’s Helmet’s:

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