Fans have been anxiously awaiting for Opeth’s follow up to 2008’s Watershed. So now the countdown begins, with the band’s tenth studio album Heritage set to be released on September 20. And the band has turned to Travis Smith once again for an awesome album cover.

At noon today, Opeth posted the cover artwork to Heritage on their Facebook fan page. And ooooo is it pretty. If you ever imagined what the members of Opeth’s severed heads would look like while placed in the giving tree, then your dreams have come true. It’s interesting to see that they included keyboardist Per Wiberg’s since he recently parted ways with Opeth (though his work appears on the new album).

So now we know what the album title is, when it’ll be released, and have seen the album cover. All that’s left is to actually hear the album. Fingers crossed that we’ll get a sample soon.