040616-michael-snoddy-instagram-8As if Phil Anselmo hasn’t had enough claims of racism this year, now Pantera is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. TMZ wrote about 18 year-old Paris Jackson, one of Michael Jackson’s daughters. She’s dating Michael Snoddy one of the drummers in Street Drum Corps, and Jackson’s family is pretty upset about his tattoo. They’re claiming that he’s a racist because of the tattoo, which is on his wrist and displays a Confederate flag. However, any metal fan knows from the “CFH” that it’s a Pantera tattoo.

Jackson and Snoddy have apparently been dating for a few weeks, and met in Alcoholics Anonymous. TMZ spoke to Snoddy who said “I wouldn’t be dating a black  girl if I were a racist.” While he didn’t bring up Pantera when talking about his ink, Blabbermouth reports that he was at the Dimebash, when Anselmo’s racist outburst happened. “CFH” of course, stands for Cowboys From Hell, and while Pantera have used confederate flags in their merchandise in the past, after the backlash against the flag last year after nine blacks were killed in a church by a white gunman, you’d be hard-pressed to find current Pantera merch for sale with a Confederate flag on it. Jackson’s family should be more concerned about Paris than her boyfriend though, as a suicide attempt and an AA check-in before turning 18 is problematic. Snoddy, however, seems to have no problem with rocking a confederate flag, as you can see him with Anselmo at the Dimebash. He seems like more of a Pantera fan than a racist, though.


Just cause last night was so epic! The man, the legend Philip H. Anselmo! #Pantera #cowboysfromhell

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