As you may have heard, some womens groups and County Commissioners weren’t very happy with the artwork that Guns N’ Roses are using for their current residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The art, modeled after the original Appetite album cover, slightly cleaned up the original image, but still featured a sprawled-out girl that some, including the aforementioned, found “inappropriate.” Clark County Commissioner Mary Beth Scow was unhappy the band were awarded an honorary renaming of Paradise Road to “Paradise City Road,” saying she wouldn’t have presided over the ceremony if she knew that there was a weird monster/rapey robot/passed out girl involved.

At any rate, there isn’t anymore. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino have removed the woman from the artwork and issued an apology.”Hard Rock Hotel & Casino regrets that the Guns N’ Roses advertising for their current shows has offended any member of the community,” they stated. “The resort has decided to further modify the art and began the process of changing the materials (Friday).” The original ad had been used in newspaper advertisements and taxi placards, and was on hotel key cards. A TV report, which appears below, found that most people weren’t particularly offended by it, but it makes sense that the Hard Rock finally cave in amid mounting protests.


[via Blabbermouth]