No, Dee Snider Didn’t Sabotage Bret Michaels

Posted by on June 10, 2009

deeWhat’s dumber, that some people thought Dee Snider had something to do with Bret Michaels getting his nose fractured by a descending set piece at the Tony Awards, or the fact that Snider’s manager actually issued a press release denying  that the Twisted Sister frontman had anything to do with it?

Blabbermouth received a statement from Phil Carson saying that even though both bands have songs in the musical Rock of Ages, and Snider was seen in the rigging area before the performance, he didn’t cause the accident.

“Dee is a fitness freak,” manager Phil Carson said in a statement that was released to “He will often go for a run, or climb stairs in spare moments. He was not at all disappointed that the cast of ‘Rock of Ages’ chose [to perform] a Poison song instead of ‘We’re Not Going To Take It.’ Dee wishes Bret a speedy recovery.”

For real? When did Dee Snider turn into Wile E. Coyote? The Twisted song is called “I Wanna Rock,” not “I Wanna Rock Of Ages Performance at the Pansiest of All Awards Shows To Go Horribly Awry So I’m Going To Sabotage It.” The whole thing makes us want to watch it happen over and over again in slow motion. Thanks YouTube!

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