Metal Insider’s Top Five: Saxes In Metal

Posted by on September 17, 2012


3) Ihsahn – “A Grave Inversed”

Emperor mastermind Ihsahn has pushed himself further into progressive territory with every solo release, but the moment that really brought even his most dedicated fans to attention has to be “A Grave Inversed.” The first seriously heavy song on the avant-black modern classic After made everyone stop and say, “Wait…is that a sax?” Saxophone on a black metal-influenced record was virtually unheard of, and although Jørgen Munkeby’s own band Shining was making a major international splash around After’s release with Blackjazz, his sudden star turn with Ihsahn snapped extreme metal fans to attention immediately. It’s probably not the heaviest song Munkeby’s collaborated on with Ihsahn, but as one of the most crucial moments in Ihsahn’s discography, it has few matches in the metal sax song canon.

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