5. Sheer Terror’s Thanks Fer Nuthin (1992)

I might throw people off on this one. For me personally, I love that record. They had many releases before that, and most people would say Ugly and Proud, but for me Thanks Fer Nuthin is one of their coolest records. Sheer Terror was a band that took more liberties than some other bands. Paul Bearer has a distinct hard growly voice, but there was some melodic inflections with certain things he does. And on this record, there are certain songs where he straight up sings certain parts, and I found that to be really cool.  They’re one of those melodic hardcore bands, but this one was kind of different because it was done in a sort of different way, and because he has a distinct voice it just worked. It’s still heavy with the guitars, but then he would do these parts where he would sing. Still aggressive, still pissed off. Paul is a good friend, but it’s more so that I was listening to that album when it came out from top to bottom constantly. Some would say it’s not traditional hardcore, but Madball’s Set It Off wasn’t considered traditional hardcore when it came out either, though now it is. I’m sure some people reading this may say “Jesus, this is what you picked as opposed to all the other classic records in New York Hardcore?!?! But for me, I gotta throw this one in there.

Favorite Track: “Close My Eyes” and “Time Don’t Heal A Thing” is a tie for my favorite.