2. Cro-Mags’ The Age Of Quarrel (1986)

Sort of the same reason, even though that came on a little later on. They also helped put New York on the map, but in a sort of different light. It was gritty and hard as well. A little bit more polished on the production side, but it was VERY street. You could say it was a little more metallic at that time then say Victim of Pain. Even the groove that Mackie was doing on the drums, no one was doing that!  Before that, it was very punk rock stiff drumming and I have to give him credit, because his influence eventually helped mold what hardcore would become. Not just New York hardcore, but other hardcore stuff in general. If you combine the elements in Victim In Pain and The Age Of Quarrel, those two records were hugely influential not just in New York but throughout the world.

Favorite Track: “Malfunction” was always one of my favorites, but again, the list goes on. That’s almost a flawless record for hardcore. I don’t even know if there’s one that I don’t like on that album.