1. Agnostic Front’s Victim In Pain (1984)

Besides the fact that Roger’s my brother and that was my initial exposure to hardcore, if you just view it from a fan perspective—it’s the embodiment of hardcore.  It was rugged, fast, aggressive, especially for New York hardcore. I think that Victim In Pain really put New York on the map, so to speak, with their own kind of take on hardcore. It could be considered hardcore punk, but they were even MORE raw than other hardcore punk stuff. So it really almost took the punk out of the equation and it was like, “That’s really New York hardcore right there.”

Favorite Track: The album itself is under thirty minutes, so you kind of have to look into it top from bottom. The only song I didn’t love on that whole album was this song called, “Remind Them.” But every other song to me is like a classic. “Society Sucker” is always one of my stand-out songs, “Blind Justice,” the list goes on.  Even, “With Time,” which is a slower song they did was really cool and really ambient. There’s really not a bad song on there.