Metal Insider’s Matt Brown’s Top 10 Albums of 2021

Posted by on December 22, 2021



01) Pupil Slicer, Mirrors (Prosthetic)

Early year releases are sometimes in danger of being forgotten about when it comes time for top ten’s, but upon my first listen of Pupil Slicer’s debut album, I knew this one was already on my list. This was the first release of 2021 that I truly fell in love with. I blasted this maniacal slab of metallic mathy madness for days, checking the band’s Bandcamp page repeatedly in hopes that they would have t-shirts back in stock soon. This trio sounds like a thirty-person mob holding a knife in each hand (so, sixty knives at least) smashing against each other for just over 37 minutes.

Key Track: “Martyrs”


Honorable Mentions:

Dream Theater, A View from the Top

Steven Wilson, The Future Bites

Gatecreeper, A Unexpected Reality

Between The Buried And Me, Colors II




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