Metal Power Rankings: Rock never busts

Posted by on January 16, 2015

Welcome to Metal Power Rankings: Our weekly rankings take a number of factors into account: newsworthiness, record sales, internet buzz, word of mouth and overall importance in the genre. Ultimately, it’s subjective, but if a band generates enough buzz, they’ll wind up on the list. This week, AC/DC continues to reign atop the charts, but Marilyn Manson and Periphery threaten.

1) AC/DC (no change)

Yeah, they’re playing the Grammys. That’s going to be interesting, regardless of who’s drumming for them.


2) Marilyn Manson (last week 4)

Now that this is streaming, you can see why many are calling this Manson’s best in years.


3) Periphery (last week 9)

Juggernaut? Hell yeah it is. The band’s on tour and the albums will be out in just a few weeks.


4) Slipknot (last week 2)

This is still selling, and while the band’s touring overseas, we’re hearing a stateside tour announcement will be coming soon.


5) Pallbearer (last week 6)

There’s going to be some stoned hippies at Bonnaroo that are going to stumble into this show and have their life changed.


6) At the Gates (last week 5)

Well, we’re excited about seeing these guys on the Decibel tour? Are you?


7) Metallica (no change)

Pretty exciting to see St. Anger get some excitement, even if Metallica had nothing to do with it this time.


8) Slayer (Re-entry)

Way to come out shredding in the studio, Gary Holt! We’re so excited, we might throw OUR wrists out, if you know what we’re saying.


9) Machine Head (last week 10)

Bloodstone and Diamonds made its way onto the charts again this week, no doubt due to the tour starting soon.


10) Megadeth (last week 8)

Whaddya mean there isn’t a drummer and guitarist in the band yet?


11) Five Finger Death Punch (last week 9) 

Looks like you’ll be getting another album from Five Finger Death Punch before too long.


12) Wovenwar (no change) 

Looks like Wovenwar are winning over fans from their tour with Periphery. At least they did when we reviewed the show.


13) Between the Buried & Me (debut) 

Other than Slayer, BTBAM is the most left-field choice to be playing Bonnaroo. It’s also pretty great that they’re headed back to the studio for album #7.


14) Babymetal (debut)

Even though their Budokan DVD and CD isn’t commercially available in the United States except as a download, it’s continuing to sell..


15) Iron Maiden (last week 11) 

Iron Maiden were pretty visible to anyone that ran into Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes.


OFF:Anthrax, High on Fire, Electric Wizard

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