Misfits9. Jerry Only taking over vocals in Misfits

Listen, Jerry Only can do whatever he wants, really. At this point in time, Misfits are his band. However, to just about everyone else, the band might as well be have become a T-shirt company after 1983. Glenn Danzig’s vocals are Misfits, even if they only put out a few albums with him. Since then, they’ve had a handful of other vocalists, most notably Michael Graves, and also put out few other albums.

Bassist Jerry Only has been singing since 2001, but he’s no Glenn Danzig. And again, this isn’t really taking away from him, but to almost everyone, the Danzig-era of Misfits are the only era worth revisiting.



Morbid Angel8. Steve Tucker in Morbid Angel

The Morbid Angel saga is enough of a soap opera that we don’t have enough column space to write about it, and we’re on the internet. Basically, bassist and vocalist David Vincent was in the band until 1995, when he left to join his wife’s band, Genitorturers. He came back in 2004, staying long enough to release the band’s worst album, 2011’s Illud Divinum Insanus. In the interim, Steve Tucker played bass and sang. And while Gateways To Annihilation is one of the band’s best albums, it doesn’t compare to Altars of MadnessCovenant and Blessed are the Sick. Then again, after Illud, maybe it’s not such a bad thing that Vincent left and Tucker is now back.