We’re not always 100% right in our predictions when it comes to album sales. It’s like predicting the weather except 1) we have a high success rate and 2) no one ever cursed us for unforeseen torrential downpours. But in the case of a certain band and the release of the first of two albums in 2013, we pretty much had it figured out when said album was announced. We also have a bunch of debuts from metalcore bands who were funded via Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and the like.

Notable Debuts:

Five Finger Death Punch, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Vol. 1 (Prospect Park) #2, 112,500 sold

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Five Finger Death Punch have huge first week sales with its new album. This beats the band’s record previously set by American Capitalist back in 2011. If it wasn’t for that pesky Robin Thicke and his anthem of the summer, the guys would have taken the top slot.


Chimaira, Crown of Phantoms (eOne) #44, 7,425 sold

The seventh album from Chimaira isn’t their highest, but it does beat the debut of the band’s previous album from 2011.


Confide, All Is Calm (Self-Released) 1,125 sold

Pretty good debut for a crowdfunded reunion album from a metalcore band I’ve never heard of before.


Elitist, Between The Balance (Consumer) 900 sold

This five song EP is the latest from this progressive metalcore band.


Legion, Woke (eOne) 670 sold

The debut album for these Ohio metallers has awoken.


Misery Signal, Absent Light (Self-Released) 480 sold

Misery Signal’s fourth album is the result of another successful case of crowdfunding.


Mercenary, Through Our Darkest Days (Prosthetic) 340 sold

This is the seventh album from this Danish band.


Crossfaith, Zion EP (Tragic Hero) 320 sold

Want some Japanese metalcore?


Notable Sales: 

Skillet, Rise (Atlantic), #36, 8,300 sold

Sales continue for Skillet as the band’s stint on the Carnival of Madness tour gets closer.


Black Sabbath, 13 (Universal) #37, 7,875 sold

We had one or two good things to say about Sabbath’s performance in New Jersey last Sunday.


We Came As Romans, Tracing Back Roots (Equal Vision) #46, 7,275 sold

With a 72% second week drop, hopefully this can trace its roots back to the top 10 debut it had. And 7,200 sales is a great week for any band.


Various Artists, 2013 Warped Tour Compilation (Side One Dummy) #51, 6,650

The trek may be complete in the US, but the tour will be happening over in Europe come November. Over 50,000 sold.


The Winery Dogs, The Winery Dogs (Loud & Proud) #90, 4,100 sold

A second week 59% drop for Portnoy and company.


Kid Rock, Rebel Soul (Atlantic) #105, 5,150 sold

At week 35, this album gets a 59% boost.


Queens Of The Stone Age, …Like Clockwork  (Matador)  #95, 3,900 sold

Have QOTSA ever covered “Stone Cold Crazy” by Queen before? Because if they haven’t, that’s a missed opportunity.


Bring Me The Horizon, Sempiternal (Epitaph) #96, 3,750 sold

Bring me just under 90,000 total sales.


Sleeping With Sirens, Feel (Rise) #102, 3,450 sold

Why on earth would you sleep with a siren? It’s not worth crashing your ship into rocks and shit just to get your eardrums blown out.


Halestorm, The Strange Case Of… (Atlantic) #112, 3,200 sold

Nothing strange here.


Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals, Walk Through Exits Only (Housecore) #113, 3,175 sold

After dropping in its second week, this managed a 11% boost this week, perhaps because of the kickoff of the tour.


Alice In Chains, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here  (Virgin) #121, 2,850 sold

At week 10, the devil has put over 122,000 records sold here.


Volbeat, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies (Universal/Republic) #143, 2,400 sold

These guys will be coming around the US soon on the Rock Allegiance Tour.


Black Veil Brides, Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones (Lava/Universal Republic) #149, 2,300 sold

A 29% boost for this album is either wretched or divine depending on who you ask.


Amon Amarth, Deceiver of the Gods (Metal Blade) #155, 2,300 sold

It’s high time that Amon Amarth got their own fantasy viking hack and slash video game. Or at the very least contribute to the soundtrack for one. Read about why that hasn’t happened with the Thor soundtrack here.


Falling In Reverse, Fashionably Late (Epitaph) #153, 2,275 sold

This album actually did fall in reverse for a small 2% boost.


Rob Zombie, Venemous Rat Regeneration Vendor (T-Boy/UMe) #160, 2,200 sold

Just under 90,000 sold.


Shinedown, Amaryllis (Atlantic) #167, 2,125 sold

Little by little, this continues to sell.


August Burns Red, Rescue & Restore (Solid State) #181, 1,950 sold

This gets a small 8% boost. Could it be that August is burning with sales?


Pierce The Veil, Collide With The Sky (Fearless) #182, 1,900 sold

One wonder how long this will stick around on the charts this time around.


Device, Device (Warner Bros.) #189, 1,825 sold

Looks like Gigantour has been good for Device as its back on the top 200.


Butcher Babies, Goliath (Century Media) 930 sold

This gets a small 6% boost this week, perhaps due to positive word of mouth on the Mayhem Fest. Or maybe boobs.


Crown The Empire, The Fallout (Rise) 750 sold

A 30% boost as this continues to sell.


Battlecross, War of Will (Metal Blade) 720 sold

We’ll see if this has the will to sell post-Mayhem.


Deafheaven, Sunbather (Deathwish) 710 sold

This is currently bathing in over 10,000 total sales.


Phinehas, The Last Word is Yours to Speak (12th Street) 560 sold

Does the band also have a side project called Ferb?


Huntress, Starbound Beast (Napalm) 500 sold

If this keeps selling, it’ll become a Salesbound Beast.


Black Star Riders, All Hell Breaks Loose (Nuclear Blast) 460 sold

A 23% drop for this week.


Counterparts, The Difference Between Hell & Home (Victory) 440 sold

Why do so many bands feel the need to tell us the difference between hell and someplace else?


Texas Hippie Coalition, Peacemaker (Carved) 410 sold

A 15% boost and just under 20,000 sold.


Otherwise, True Love Never Dies (Century Media) 370 sold

Over 45,000 sold in total.


Karnivool, Asymmetry (Density/Workhorse) 360 sold

A 78% drop in the second week for these Aussies, but it just came out on CD yesterday.


True Widow, Circumambulation (Relapse) 350 sold

For the record, the album title means “to walk all the way around”.


Trouble, The Distortion Field (FRW) 300 sold

There’s gonna be trouble on the charts.


Sirenia, Perils of the Deep Blue (Nuclear Blast) 280 sold

This briefly dropped off the charts last week.


Fit For A King, Creation/Destruction (Tooth & Nail) 280 sold

This was also off the charts last week, but now it’s over 10,000 sold.