Metal By Numbers 6/16: Attack of the Crabcore

Posted by on June 16, 2010

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

There were literally a crap load of metal releases this past week. Yet despite this, the highest ranking metal/hard rock debut this week came from … Attack Attack!. First, let me be polite: though I might not be a fan of theirs, reaching #26 on the charts is a huge achievement for any metal or hardcore band now-a-days. So congratulations are definitely in order. Now if I may speak as a metal head: really?! Crabcore reached this high on the charts??? Indeed a sad day. But hey, this week also saw impressive rankings for Whitechapel, Nevermore and Kingdom Of Sorrow. Hooray for that!

Notable Debuts:

Attack Attack!, Attack Attack! (Rise) #26, 15,130 sold
I have a feeling I am going to be reporting on this album’s sales for a while now. Damn.

Whitechapel, A New Era of Corruption (Metal Blade)#42, 10,600 sold
A very impressive debut for the deathcore band’s third album!

Nevermore, The Obsidian Conspiracy (Century Media) #125, 4,000 sold
The Seattle progressive thrashers release their first album in five years to a pretty good first week.

Kingdom of Sorrow, Behind the Blackest Tears (Relapse) #130, 3,800 sold
The sophomore album to Jamey Jasta and Kirk Windstein’s sludge side project only sells a little more than half of what their self-titled debut did, but still overall impressive. The five Ozzfest dates they are performing at might help give a little boost.

Mychildren Mybride, Lost Boy (Solid State) #156, 3,200 sold
The Christian hardcore band’s sophomore album has an impressive debut.

Eyes Set To Kill, Broken Frames (Break Silence) #179, 2,800 sold
You can catch this metalcore band on the Vans Warped Tour this summer. If you can’t spot them amongst the emo bands, just look for the two Rodriguez sisters (who were nominated for Revolver’s prestigious (?)  “Hottest Chicks in Metal” Golden God Award) onstage. Understandable if that still doesn’t help you.

Nachtmystium, Addicts: Black Meddle, Part 2 (Century Media) 1,190 sold
Their sequel to 2008’s Assassins: Black Meddle, Part 1 has a nice first week. If you like black metal, buy it now.

Watain, Lawless Darkness (Season of Mist) 990 sold
The Swedish black metal band’s fourth album has a modest debut, even with their 2006 NSBM controversy.

Heaven Shall Burn, Invictus (Century Media) 900 sold
Critics have been raving about the German death metal band’s new album, yet it’s off to a modest start.

Hail the Villain, Population: Declining (Roadrunner Records) 720 sold
The band might have grand ideas for comic books and movies, but their debut album will have to sell more if they want to reach their goals. Luckily, the band’s appearance on the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival this Fall might help.

Pain of Salvation, Road Salt One (Inside Out U.S.) 380 sold
Just made it onto the Heatseeker charts. Barely, though.

Notable Sales:

Godsmack, Oracle (Universal) #25, 15,150 sold
With only a 25% decrease in their 6th week, Godsmack are the best selling hard rock act on the charts right now. Unless you count Saving Abel at #24 … please don’t make me count Saving Abel!

AC/DC, AC/DC: Iron Man 2 (Columbia) #31 13,200 sold
After 8 weeks on the charts, AC/DC’s first greatest hits package (let’s face it, that is exactly what it is, not a soundtrack) is still selling.

Bullet For My Valentine, Fever (Jive) #60, 6,900 sold
To answer Melinda’s question last week on whether the crab girl on their cover likes crab core, well if she does then it would explain Attack Attack!’s first week sales.

Deftones, Diamond Eyes (Reprise) #70 6,300 sold
Big slide down the chart rankings, but only an 18% decrease.

As I Lay Dying, The Powerless Rise (Metal Blade) #95, 4,700 copies
Around 69,000 sold in 5 weeks. Not too shabby at all!

Slash, Slash (Dick Hayd) #114, 4,300 sold
Slowly reaching the end of the charts, but still having a hell of an impressive run in 10 weeks.

Five Finger Death Punch, War Is The Answer (Prospect Park) #131 3,700 sold
A slight increase from last week. No witty reply to this, just damn impressive.

Motley Crue, Greatest Hits (Motley Records) #174, 2,900 sold
Only a 2% decrease for the other greatest hits package that isn’t connected to a blockbuster film.

Melvins, The Bride Screamed Murder, (Ipecac) 1,250 sold
Might not be in the top 200 anymore, but still great sales for them.

Stick To Your Guns, The Hope Division, (Sumerian/Century Media) 1,200 sold
55% decrease in its second week.

We Came As Romans, To Plant A Seed (Equal Vision) 1,000 sold
Under 32,000 sold in 32 weeks. Not bad at all.

Avantasia, The Wicked Symphony (Nuclear Blast) 420 sold
After being MIA for a few weeks, the power metal side project makes a slight reappearance.

Veil of Maya, ID (Sumerian) 450 sold
What do these guys have in common with Styx? They both hail from Illinois! Yep, we researched.

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