Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

Another year, another Grammy Awards Ceremony that most metalheads probably ignored in favor of something that wasn’t hosted by LL Cool J. Inevitably, a huge surge in sales for winners and nominees occured this week (except for a certain winner for best hard rock/metal performance, ironically). So you would think that, in a world full of Justin Biebers and Katy Perrys (see also: boobs), metal wouldn’t stand a chance on the charts this week, right? Wrong. Its actually been a pretty good week for metal, with one act appearing on the charts twice, and in the top 10 no less. Not too shabby, eh?

Notable Debuts

Red, Release the Panic (Provident) #7 (Provident) 41,500 sold

What would Jesus buy? Well, if he liked a somewhat generic rock band named after a color, he’d pick up this Christian rock band’s fourth album.


Coheed and Cambria, The Afterman: Descension (Hundred Handed) #9, 40,600 sold

Even Grammy sales boosts couldn’t stop Coheed and Cambria from making their way into the top 10 this week. This debuted only slightly lower than Ascension, but that’s irrelevent when you consider a) how good of a debut this is post-Grammys and b) Ascension is on the charts as well.


Silverstein, This Is How The Wind Shifts (Hopeless) #59, 8,925 sold

Album number seven from this post-hardcore act breaks into the top 60 and is also the first not to feature long time guitarist Neil Boshart.


The Bronx, The Bronx IV (ATO) #147, 3,100 sold

The Bronx are back with what is actually album number six for them, with the previous two albums bearing the names of the band’s alter egos, Mariachi El Bronx.


Riverside, Shrine of a New Generation of Slaves (InsideOut) 1,100 sold

Polish progressive rockers get a good start with album number five. Apparently, this album debuted at number 2 over in Poland, whereas Tim McGraw is number 2 over here. Way to go, America.


Those Who Fear, Unholy Anger (Facedown) 630 sold

This Christian hardcore act just put out their debut album.


Funeral For A Friend, Conduit (The End) 600 sold

More post-hardcore on the charts with Welsh act Furneral For A Friend putting out album number six.


Destruction, Spiritual Genocide (Nuclear Blast) 530 sold

Technically, this album from these German thrashers came out back in November last year, but it only just reached our shores. Because of the delay in release, the American version of the album gets five bonus tracks


Local H, The Another February EP (Slimstyle) 500 sold

This EP from the Illinois duo comes six months after the release of their seventh studio album. It’s a good debut for an EP.


Rings of Saturn, Dingir (Unique Leader) 440 sold

Technical deathcore act Rings of Saturn puts out album number two with more songs influenced space and aliens that could probably turn Giorgio A. Tsoukalos into a full-blown metalhead.


Ancient VVisdom, Deathlike (Prosthetic) 320 sold

Proving that acoustic guitars (or grandpa’s guitars as Dethklok might say) are quite metal, Ancient VVisdom debut on the charts with album number two.


Notable Sales

Led Zeppelin, Celebration Day (Atlantic) #98, 4,925 sold

The best part about this album is that Kid Rock is not longer anywhere to be found.


Hatebreed, The Divinity of Purpose (Razor & Tie) #101, 4,750 sold

A second week drop, but Hatebreed is also preparing another awesome tour.


Hollywood Undead, Notes from the Underground (A&M/Octone) #105, 4,300 sold

Do any of the notes from the underground tell you how to keep your album from dropping?


Black Veil Brides, Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones (Lava/Universal Republic) #106, 4,225 sold

The Wild Ones sound like a motorcycle gang ranging from ages 10-12.


Stone Sour, House of Gold & Bones (Roadrunner) #130, 3,475 sold

There’s a new lyric video out for these guys if you weren’t aware.


Deftones, Koi No Yokan (Reprise) #136, 3,300 sold

This could pass 150,000 in a few weeks if it keeps selling like this.


Coheed and Cambria, The Afterman: Ascension (Hundred Handed) #140, 3,200

BOOM. Coheed and Cambria are on the charts twice. That’s right, metal bands can have more than one album on the charts too.


Shinedown, Amaryllis (Atlantic) #149, 3,075 sold

And another hefty boost to Shinedown.


Soundgarden, King Animal (Universal) #151, 3,025 sold

Another drop in sales, but still going steady.


Halestorm, The Strange Case Of… (Atlantic) #156, 2,900 sold

The strange case of not getting a sales boost after winning a Grammy.


In This Moment, Blood (Century Media) #159, 2,875 sold

Hanging in there after crossing the 120,000 mark this week.


Volbeat, Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (Universal) #174, 2,650 sold

This is fast approaching the 200,000 mark.


Five Finger Death Punch, American Capitalist (Prospect Park) #192, 2,350 sold

If there was ever a fighting video game staring this band, their finishing moves would either be their namesake or just chucking gold records at oppenents.


Tomahawk, Oddfellows (Ipecac) #199, 2,200 sold

This album is clinging onto the charts.


Crown The Empire, The Fallout (Rise) 830 sold

This album just sold over 20,000 copies total. Not quite an empire yet, but not bad.


Otherwise, True Love Never Dies (Century Media) 800 sold

This album got a 21% boost this week.


Voivod, Target Earth (Century Media) 500 sold

And yet the album art looks nothing like Earth.


Woe, Is Me, Genesi[s] (Rise) 490 sold

A small boost in sales indicates a good week for Rise Records.


Capture the Crown, `Til Death (Sumerian) 450 sold

If you play the album backwards, it sounds like Brad Garrett strangling Ray Romano.


The Plot In You, Could You Watch Your Children Burn (Rise) 420 sold

These guys just finished opening for Emmure and Whitechapel on The Brothers of Brutality tour.


Upon A Burning Body, Red.White. Green. (Sumerian) 420 sold

Apparently, all the the track titles on this album are name after films. And not all of them good ones.


Holy Grail, Ride The Void (Prosthetic) 400 sold

For your entertainment, here’s a picture of Holy Grail with Eddie.


Avatar, Black Waltz (eOne Entertainment) 380 sold

Guess the band’s first visit to America helped them re-debut on the charts.


The Shrine, Primative Blast (Tee Pee) 370 sold

Apparently, this album has been out since July 2012. Better late than never?


For All I Am, Skinwalker (Equal Vision) 340 sold

With a boost in sales, it looks like these guys are getting a following.


The Amity Affliction, Chasing Ghosts (Roadrunner) 340 sold

Fun fact: One bonus track on the album is a  Lana Del Rey cover. Not that you should rush out to get it because of that.


Texas In July, Texas In July (Equal Vision) 320 sold

Album sales still going strong for the not-Texas based band.