dream-theater-the-astonishing-650Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

With eleven debuts, this week is the biggest week yet for metal in 2016, spearheaded by the always dependable Dream Theater. And just looking ahead in February, it doesn’t look like we’ll be slowing down. I mean, we got Fleshgod Apocalypse, Textures, and Obscura on the same day to start! Then we’ve got Anthrax at the end of the month with plenty more in between. But if you’re as big a Dream Theater fan as I am, you’ll be good for a while with The Astonishing in your hands.


Notable Debuts:

Dream Theater, The Astonishing (Roadrunner) #6, 29,950 sold

The thirteenth studio album from Dream Theater once again hits the top 10.


Avantasia, Ghostlights  (Nuclear Blast) #101, 2,475 sold

Avantasia nab their best debut yet in the US.


Primal Fear, Rulebreaker (Frontiers) #159, 1,575 sold

The band sees their best US debut yet with album eleven.


Bury Tomorrow, Earthbound (Nuclear Blast) 1,250 sold

The band’s fourth album manages to outdo Runes from 2014.


Toothgrinder, Nocturnal Masquerade (Spinefarm) 770 sold

The much-championed Toothgrinder debuts their first LP.


Resurrection Kings, Resurrection Kings (Frontiers) 700 sold

The debut LP from the band including Vinny Appice and Craig Goldy.


Black Tusk, Pillars of Ash (Relapse) 610 sold

The band’s first album since the death of their bassist makes its debut.


Serenity, Codex Atlanticus (Napalm) 560 sold

The lastest LP from Serenity is a concept album about Da Vinci. Remember when we premiered their music video?


Conan, Revengeance (Napalm) 470 sold

This is the third album from this doom band.


Brimstone Coven, Black Magic (Metal Blade) 270 sold

The latest from the Dark Occult Rock band.


Exumer, The Raging Tides (Metal Blade) 220 sold

The fourth album from the German thrash group.



Notable Sales:

Megadeth, Dystopia (UMe) #16, 14,375 sold

A 70% doesn’t take this down too far in week two.


Disturbed, Immortalized (Reprise) #39, 5,675 sold

Boosted by 16%.


Various Artists, Now That’s What I Call Rock (Sony) #68, 3,575 sold

A 22% drop does not rock.

Five Finger Death Punch, Got Your Six (Prospect Park) #71, 3,500 sold

Just under 300,000 sold.


Steven Wilson, 4 1/2 (Kscope) #89, 2,800 sold

This got boosted up the #34 last week before dropping 46% this week.


Shinedown, Threat To Survival (Atlantic) #92, 2,750 sold

Twenty weeks on with just under 170,000 sold.


Breaking Benjamin, Dark Before Dawn (Hollywood) #128, 1,850 sold

This has ben boosted by 12%.


Red, Of Beauty and Rage (Essential) #144, 1,700 sold

A few weeks away from breaking the 100,000 mark.


Bring Me The Horizon, That’s The Spirit (Columbia) #152, 1,600 sold

This sold about the same as last week.


Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Letters From The Labyrinth (Republic) #172, 1,450 sold

A 19% drop with nearly 150,000 sold.


Abbath, Abbath (Season of Mist) 1,025 sold

A 60% drop in week two.


Witchcraft, Nucleus (Nuclear Blast) 480 sold

An 18% drop.


Ice Nine Kills, Every Trick In The Book (Fearless) 470 sold

This got a huge boost thanks to the band’s latest tour.


Failure Anthem, First World Problems (Razor & Tie) 460 sold

Second week drop of 68%.


Red Sun Rising, Polyester Zeal (Razor & Tie) 390 sold

Poly want a 13% drop.


Exmortus, Ride Forth (Prosthetic) 380 sold

Riding towards a big 45% boost.


Borknagar, Winter Thrice (Century Media) 370 sold

A drop of 61% in week two.


Nile, What Should Not Be Unearthed (Nuclear Blast) 280 sold

A boost of 69%.


Wage War, Blueprints (Fearless) 230 sold

A small 5% boost.


Sons of Texas, Baptized in the Rio Grande (Razor & Tie) 190 sold

A 22% boost back onto the charts.


All Them Witches, Dying Surfer Meets His Maker (New West) 180 sold

This pops up again after a 64% boost.