AC/DC’s ‘Iron Man 2’ Soundtrack #1 In UK

Posted by on April 27, 2010

AC/DC’s first ever Greatest Hits album, otherwise known as the Iron Man 2 soundtrack, hit #1 in the UK in its debut week, an impressive feat for the band. It doesn’t hurt that it’s the soundtrack to a highly anticipated movie. Nor does it hurt that AC/DC has yet to put out a proper greatest hits album. The closest they came to a traditional Hits album before was Who Made Who, the 1986 soundtrack to the Stephen King movie Maximum Overdrive. That contained the title track, a few instrumentals, and six previously-released AC/DC songs. The Iron Man 2 soundtrack is a bit more well rounded. While there aren’t any new songs on it, there are 15 songs, with an almost even split between the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras of the band.

While it’s great to have a rock album topping the UK charts, it’s unlikely the compilation will debut at #1 on the US charts. A “Glee” soundtrack of Madonna songs will likely be #1, and the recently-held American Country Music awards means that Lady Antebellum will probably sell more than AC/DC as well. We’d also like to add that this has nothing to do with the score to the film that John Debney composed that features contributions from Tom Morello.


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