David Draiman Helped Megadeth With New Album

Posted by on April 1, 2013

While Dave Mustaine is hoping that Willie Nelson will contribute to the new Megadeth album in some fashion, there’s already one big time collaborator he can confirm. As it turns out, Disturbed frontman David Draiman actually stopped by the studio to help shape some of the new tunes.

While Mustaine first let it slip during an interview with Shockwaves that the Disturbed frontman helped out with writing, he confirmed via Twitter this past weekend that Draiman specifically contributed to “Forget To Remember” and “Dance In The Rain.” He also tweeted that he had the chance to listen to new music from Draiman (including his new group Device and two other projects), and Trivium (whose forthcoming album Draiman produced). Draiman also clarified via Disturbed’s Facebook page that the collaboration only involved writing (aka, don’t expect to hear a guest vocal appearance from him on the new album).

In addition to his collaboration with Draiman, Mustaine also teased about the lineup to the next Gigantour. “Finalized the bands for Gigantour 2013 and have to admit, I am hella impressed!! Details coming soon. @Gigantour2013,” Mustaine tweeted. Back in January, Mustaine hinted during an interview that this year’s lineup would include a band of “notorious bad boys.” While we’re still not sure which band he’s exactly referring to, we have to believe that now Draiman’s Device is a leading candidate for the touring festival as well.

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