Andrew W.K. parties hard with Nekrogoblikon in the studio

Posted by on September 19, 2014

It seems like there’s been a bit of an Andrew W.K. revival recently. He’s been popping up nearly everywhere, most notably in the pages of the Village Voice, where his advice column, “Ask Andrew W.K.,” has been generating tons of buzz for the party enthusiast. He’s also opened for Black Sabbath,  played drums for 24 hours straight,  and even become the spokesperson for Playtex’s Fresh and Sexy Wipes. One thing we haven’t heard a ton about is Mr. W.K. making music. However, we can’t say that any more.

Yesterday, Nekrogoblikon posted a picture of themselves with Andrew with the caption “Huge thanks for Andrew W.K. for stopping by the studio to PARTY with us!” If you had any doubt as to whether he was there to sing or just to give them a motivational speech about believing in yourself while partying, Andrew himself posted a shot of him laying down some vocals, with the caption “Recordgin mean green goblin vocals for a song on Nekrogoblikon’s upcoming new album! Both Nekrogoblikon and W.K. used the hashtag #heavymeta, which might be the name of the new album. All the more reason for you to stock up on one of our Metal Insider/Nekrogoblikon shirts!


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