You most likely know Shia LaBeouf from his acting in the Transformers films. You may even know him from his Disney Channel days. As of late, though, when Mr. LaBeouf is done battling talking robots and hooking up with co-stars, he dabbles with music videos. LaBeouf has recently directed videos for Kid Cudi’s “Marijuana” and Cage’s “I Never Knew.” Apparently, his next music related filming project will be with none other than Marilyn Manson.

Manson has reportedly tapped LaBeouf to film a documentary chronicling the making of his new album. LaBeouf himself discussed his latest collaboration on ABC’s Live With Regis And Kelly, saying the following:

“He’s a real sweet guy. He’s an eccentric human being. He lives in West Hollywood above a liquor store. There’s no lights in the room. And there’s sort of these big metal doors and he opens the door and he’s in a kimono, a big pink kimono… It’s sort of like a lair. No lights, so you have to use your cellphone to guide you around… We sat and watched movies for a while…. and talked about what kind of visuals he wanted on his album. Which are all really eccentric ideas. All things I can’t really say out loud because this is morning television.”

Manson’s new album will be his first with Cooking Vinyl Records, though no release date has been released (all we’ve gotten so far is a creepy 26 second teaser). It’s unclear whether LaBeouf’s film will be included with the album, or if it’ll transform into its own thing. As odd of a pairing as this is, Manson has been seen with Hollywood elite in weirder scenarios.