It’s no secret that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has been working on his directorial debut, a documentary about Sound City Studios, the now-defunct Los Angeles studio whose mixing console he now owns.  The place was quite literally a hit factory from its’s opening in 1970 to it’s closure in 2011. Artists ranging from Tom Petty and Neil Young to Metallica and Rage Against the Machine (not to mention Nirvana, who recorded Nevermind there) graced the halls and boards of the studio.

While there have already been a handful of outtakes from the film with artists ranging from REO Speedwagon’s Kevin Cronin to Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy talking about their first musical memories, the full trailer of the film went up online today. It looks like a feel good movie, and not just one about the studio. The trailer looks like a testament to music made the way it used to be – in a shabby, run-down-looking analog studio with character instead of by machines.

Sound City will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival next month and will be released in February. Presumably, news will come out soon about the soundtrack, since people ranging from Corey Taylor to member of Ratt have been jamming with him earlier this year. Check out the trailer after the jump.