Colin Farrell To Portray Ozzy Osbourne In Biopic?

Posted by on July 6, 2010

Whether we like it or not, a biopic about Ozzy Osbourne is inevitable. It’s a project that has been in the works for a while now, but with the success of his memoir I Am Ozzy, the film has gained steam. Thus, rumors of who will actually play the Prince Of Darkness has already started to swirl around town. While don’t be surprised to hear a lot of false speculation (sorry Sharon, but Johny Depp will most likely not be playing Ozzy), this casting rumor sounded to intriguing not to mention.

Cinematical.com is reporting that Irish bad boy actor Colin Farrell is the latest rumored actor to be in the running to play Ozzy. By no means should this be taken as more than just a rumor, but the site claims that Farrell is appearing to be Paramount and MTV Film execs’ top choice. This does, however, contradict with Osbourne’s previous claims that he would want an unknown to play him in a film.

Despite Ozzy’s desire for an unknown to portray him, I’d have to say that Farrell would actually be a very good choice for the role, and not just because of the bad boy image he is associated with. If you have seen the movie In Bruges, then you know that he has the acting chops. He may not be everyone’s favorite actor, but all in all, I’m sure he would do an impressive job. However, if I may add more fuel to the fire, Ewan McGregor’s halloween costume last year had me thinking of him as a possible choice. Expect to hear more rumors flying around for a while now.

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