Over the years, Opeth have made some striking music, haunting in it’s imagery. The band’s artwork has been pretty solid over the years as well. How big of a fan are you though? If you like them enough to buy 3D printed figures of the band, then you’re in luck, because for some reason, they’re available to purchase in the band’s web store.

We’re not saying that Mikael Akerfeldt and friends are ugly. But unlike KISS or Slipknot, there’s nothing that’s that visually grabbing about them. You could put any of them in front of anyone and probably anyone but the band member would be hard-pressed to identify who it was. Then again, if you’re a superfan, then you’ve probably already pre-ordered them in advance of their March 24th release date. Each member is available for about $10, and you can buy the lot of them for about $55.

[via theprp]