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Batushka cancels Maryland Deathfest appearance, claims festival is at fault for visa issues

Posted by on April 3, 2017

Organizing a festival as big as Maryland Deathfest is not an easy task, and many issues will come up when dealing with booking the amount of bands they usually list. The latest one to drop off the festival roster is Polish black metal band Batushka. The festival announced this past Friday 31st that Batushka would not […]

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Norway’s Blastfest cancelled, company dissolving

Posted by on February 2, 2017

  Last year, Norway’s Blastfest was in the news after the metal festival canceled the appearance of French band Peste Noire after pressure from anti-fascist groups. That was after Napalm Death pulled out of the festival, presumably as a result of the Peste Noire’s appearance. Also, Finnish black metal band Horna canceled their appearance in solidarity […]

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Montreal black metal fest canceled after Antifa riots

Posted by on November 29, 2016

Another weekend, another metal festival canceled following a demonstration. This past weekend black metal fans from around the world traveled to Montreal for the Messe Des Merts festival. One of the headliners, however, was Graveleand, whose vocalist, Robert “Rob Darken” Fudali considers himself a National Socialist (aka a neo-Nazi). Darken has said that Graveland itself […]

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It’s official: Giraffe Tongue Orchestra cancel tour dates

Posted by on November 28, 2016

On Thanksgiving day, we were perusing Instagram, and ran into a picture of Brent Hinds, his leg wrapped in a cast and holding a blade. The caption stated that the Mastodon singer/guitarist broke his leg in a motorcycle accident and it seemed to suggest that his shows with other projects Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, West End […]

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Blastfest cancel Peste Noire’s appearance at festival due to antifa pressure

Posted by on October 19, 2016

Do you remember when earlier this year, Phil Anselmo’s Down suffered some backlash after Anselmo’s racist display at the Dimebash event? That incident cause several promoters to drop Down from their bill, including a show in their own hometown and the Dutch festival FortaRock. Down was eventually forced to cancel all their scheduled appearances throughout Europe despite having […]

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