five finger death punch 306If there’s one gig that every band probably dreams about, it’s opening for Black Sabbath, especially since this is the last year that opening for Black Sabbath is going to be a thing. Five Finger Death Punch was set to do that in Australia, but apparently, something’s wrong with frontman Ivan Moody, and the band has been forced to pull out of the Australian run after Moody was hospitalized. Here’s what Noise 11 reports that Live Nation said in a statement:

Last Thursday, Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody was hospitalized in his hometown of Denver. He is expected to make a full recovery but it is with deep regret that Five Finger Death Punch will be forced to cancel their appearances in Australia, both with Black Sabbath and as headliners in Sydney and in Melbourne.

It is especially disappointing to Five Finger Death Punch that they will not be able to play before Black Sabbath, a band Five Finger Death Punch has deep reverence for, on Black Sabbath’s last ever shows in Australia.

Ivan and Five Finger Death Punch express their sincere apologies to both their fans and to the fans of Black Sabbath.

So what’s wrong with Ivan? No one’s saying. this is pure conjecture on our part, but perhaps he’s in some sort of rehab, as there’s been a public meltdown onstage and some odd allegations made by a woman claiming to be his life. Regardless of his issues, hopefully whatever’s wrong with him gets taken care of. We’ll bring you updates as we hear more.

[via Metal Sucks]