Swedish death metal band Shining are currently on the road with Revenge and Wolvhammer on the “No More Safe Space Tour.” As you might imagine, this isn’t a show where you’ll find Antifa members at, unless they’re protesting it (which they haven’t so far). At any rate, Toilet Ov Hell reports that tomorrow’s show in Portland has been cancelled, with the venue, Tonic Lounge, explaining in a Facebook post why they’ve chosen to scrap it. Their reasoning comes from a “trusted friend” that witnessed their show at the awesomely-named club The Shredder in Boise, ID.

In short, before the show, singer Niklas Kvarforth apparently went to a punk bar in town and was thrown out for groping women and threatning to stab employees. Once he got to the  club, he did what he does, which is make homophobic slurs, threaten audience members with rape, slap audience members in the face, and sieg heil. There are also reports, which aren’t confirmed, that he may have been involved in drugging someone’s drink. While this is all unconfirmed and “friend of a friend” stuff, it was enough for The Tonic to take their source seriously, and a clip of Kvarforth exiting The Shredder, throwing a sieg heil and then trying to fight someone doesn’t really help things too much. The Shredder, for their part commended Tonic for calling the show off, stating “No need to put up with bigotry and childish bullshit. Especially from an individual that only preys on the weaker people in attendence.”