Flight 666: Now Departing From Your Laptop

Posted by on May 18, 2009

maidengameAre you an Iron Maiden fan that’s seen their awesome new documentary Flight 666 and thought to yourself, “Bruce Dickinson thinks he’s all cool flying the band around in a 747? I could do that!”? Well, you’re crazy – he’s a skilled pilot in addition to one of the best frontmen of all (somewhere in) time. However, now you can get your chance to replicate him in Iron Maiden: Flight 666: The Game, which launched on ironmaiden.com over the weekend.

The objective of the game is to fly the Iron Maiden plane around different countries, throwing speakers out of the back in order to ROCK OUT the people in the streets! Convert as many people as possible to rockers but watch your fuel, avoid the obstacles in your way and get to see special video clips taken from the new Flight 666 film.

While the film will be out on DVD this summer, you can get a taste of it via this fun little game on Maiden’s site. While there’s no U.S. version of the game, the UK version works just fine.

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