Bruce Dickinson Did Not Fly Alone

Posted by on June 10, 2009

ironmaidenFlight 666 is a film of LIES! (Though it’s still awesome and you should try to win a copy).

ContactMusic has an interesting footnote to the Flight 666 story, noting that flight officials instituted a 12-hour break on Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson between performances and piloting on last year’s “Somewhere Back In Time” tour, documented in the film. Because, you know, it’s not the best idea to get behind the wheel of a Boeing 757 immediately after screaming your face off for three hours. Due to the hectic 13-countries-in-45-days schedule, the ban meant Dickinson had to take a back seat to a co-pilot, not to the chagrin of Maiden’s crew.

Although Dickinson was disappointed, many of his crew were relieved. Bandmate Nicko McBrain says, “Some of the road crew were like, ‘What? After running around onstage, he is going to fly us back?'”

Momma always told me never believe anything you see in the movies…

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