Remember how Mercyful Fate once told us Don’t Break The Oath? That apparently just happened: the female doom duo known as The Oath, who only just released their debut album back in March, is calling it a day. An email was sent out by guitarist Linnéa Olsson to fans on Bandcamp that read as follows:

“Thank you very much for this!

“Since our album now is released, it’s time to let you know the band is over — and has been for quite some time.

“See you in the future.”

This is particularly confounding to us here at Metal Insider considering we only just interviewed vocalist Joanna Sadonis two weeks ago. Though the email said the band has been over for “quite some time”, there was no indication of such in our interview. There aren’t any other details right now and fans who are finding out are quite bewildered. We’ll be sure to update once we know more.