The Gap Certainly Seems To Like Judas Priest

Posted by on August 7, 2012

Bill Kelliher from Mastodon brought this to our attention via his Instagram feed. “Leave it to The Gap to steal ideas for kid T-shirts,” he said. “Seriously poor taste.” He then attached an image of a shirt from the Gap alongside a shirt with the cover of 1982’s classic Judas Priest album Screaming for Vengeance.

The similarities are pretty unmistakable – both designs feature metal birds of prey, talons out, and a red circle behind them. However, only one features Doug Johnson’s iconic artwork. The Gap one looks like it may have been designed with crayon by a 10 year-old that was shown the Screaming For Vengeance cover a few hours earlier. Regardless, it’s another fun example of the mainstream co-opting metal designs. If you want your kid to look like he likes Judas Priest without having that pesky band logo or, y’know, good artwork, you can pick the shirt up here. But maybe you should order the 30th anniversary edition of the album instead.

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