Sumerian Records takes on Kid Rock

Posted by on December 14, 2016



As you might have noticed, Kid Rock, who didn’t like that America was too divided in Obama’s America, has gone ahead and done something pretty divisive himself, rolling out a line of pro-Trump merch that isn’t likely to unite anyone. While the shirts, many of which don’t even have Kid’s name on them, are probably selling swiftly in some circles, it’s also pissed plenty of people off, which is probably what he had in mind when greenlighting such a derpy, racist line of merch. Sumerian Records isn’t a fan of it, and while their band Bad Omens will be sharing a bill with Kid Rock on the Northern Invasion Fest, that doesn’t mean they’re happy about it, as evidenced by the Instagram post below. 


Sumerian has a point, in that Kid’s shirt is less anti-Obama or anti-Hillary than it is literally calling half of the population of America dumb fucks. Even though Municipal Waste probably might’ve pissed off some Trump fans with their design, it didn’t take aim at all Americans than think differently than they do. 

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