Nightwish’s Floor Jansen thinks Slayer are “dreadful”

Posted by on November 30, 2016


Of the big four bands, Slayer is arguably the most metal. You don’t see Metallica fans carving their logo into their arms. Anthrax don’t have a song called “Angel of Death,” and 6/6 isn’t the International Day of Megadeth. But despite their iconic status, they’re not for everyone. Take, for example, Nightwish singer Floor Jansen. The singer of the symphonic metal band might be a fan of metal, but she’s certainly not a fan of Slayer. Speaking to Metal Hammer, she was asked what the most metal album she owned was, she stated they were all metal, but with a caveat:

“I mainly listen to metal, so they are all metal albums. But the most metal? Some would say Slayer, but I think they’re a dreadful band. Unbelievably boring. Terrible. Apparently it’s not metal to say that, but it’s a personal opinion.”

Bold words, Floor. There might be a lot of Slayer fans that would disagree, but no one’s going to threaten a pregnant woman, are they? The band will be taking the next year off while Jansen focuses on motherhood, and we’re pretty sure that the kid isn’t being played any Slayer in the womb.


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