We’re not that familiar with long-running hardcore band Hoods, but yesterday, the band’s vocalist Mike Hood (probably not his real name) went on a rant on Facebook claiming that Victory Records owner Tony Brummel owes him money and challenging him to a fight. Hood is the latest in a line of bands and musicians to claim that the label owner doesn’t necessarily have his artists’ best financial interest in mind. Here’s what Hood’s messages said:

Tony Brummel is a fake pair of tits. Hey big shot how about pay us some honest numbers. You fucking fake ass Chicago bitch. Let’s fight 1-1 call you out.

HOODS. this is why we don’t play the songs from Victory Records yes he did: in this world there are those that give a fuck, have a spine, and are honest. I was 19 years old mr. Tony Brummel please give what an honest man would. Give me all my albums back. Last 1/4 statement was almost $10K. Thats quarterly. I spent 20+ years of my life in HOODS. Still poor, still proud, still working and loving hoods. There’s a lot of bands that could use some help. You sit with your yachts, houses in Jamaica, ect ect. If you are a man with a spine I will gladly eat my words. I will also gladly fight you in any street across the USA…. All the hardcore kids know you’re a fucking spineless coward. Even the emo kids at this point.

While we’re not really in a position to judge the scruples of the way Brummel runs his label, others have certainly tried. We’re also not trying to defend him, either. That being said, an industry source (not Tony!), pulled SoundScan for the two albums on Victory Records, 2001’s Time… the Destroyer and 2003’s Pray For Death. Hood might claim that he’s owed $10,000 a quarter from Victory, but the math doesn’t add up at all. The two albums have sold 5,159 and 4,076 copies to date, respectively. We don’t have the last quarter’s numbers, but since the beginning of 2015, the albums have sold 23 copies  – and only 10 tracks – combined. That barely adds up to $10,000 total, let alone per quarter.

So while Brummel might owe the band some money, it’s probably nowhere near what Hoods are claiming. If they’re going to fight him, it’ll be for the wrong reasons.