Pandora Adds Roadblocks For Indie Bands

Posted by on June 30, 2009

pandora2Until recently, music recommendation/internet radio service Pandora accepted music from independent artists at no cost, in any form, even home-burned CD’s. Hypebot now reports submitting your own music has a few extra steps, and some costs.

In part because of a deal to display album cover art via Amazon.com’s servers, submissions must now be available as a physical CD for sale on Amazon, and include cover art and a UPC code to even be considered for airplay.

Compliance with the new rules will cost artists in several ways. According to its FAQ page, to get play on Pandora you now need:

* CD of your music
* A unique UPC code for that CD
* Your CD to be available through Amazon (must be a physical CD, not just MP3s for download)
* The legal rights to your music
* MP3 files for two of the songs from your CD
* Free Pandora account, based on a valid email address, which can be associated with your music

In addition to the costs of designing art and packaging a CD, Pandora suggests indie artists join the “Amazon Advantage Program” to comply with these rules. Membership costs $29.95 per year plus 55% of the list price of every CD sold. Established artists and labels already comply with Pandora’s new rules.

Hypebot gripes that these rules are unfair to new artists trying to gain exposure though Pandora, but really, should you be clogging up someone’s playlist with a song you recorded an hour ago and aren’t ready to sell?


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