ghost b.c.We are in awards season right now and recently the US held the annual Grammy awards, which included the award for ‘Best Metal Performance’ taken by Swedish rock act Ghost for their song “Cirice” off their last album Meliora and that made us wonder: if they were able to pick up a Grammy in the US, how well will they do on their own country?

Sweden recently had their annual Grammis award (equivalent to our Grammy awards) and Ghost was chosen as the winner on the ‘Best Hard Rock/Metal Album’ category for Meliora. The nominees for the honor included Backyard Babies for Four By Four, Graveyard for Innocence & Decadence, Refused for Freedom, and Tribulation’s Children of the Night.

Aside from accepting their award given by Watain’s Erik Danielson, Ghost performed the song “He Is” at the ceremony, making it a much more compelling event than our Grammys. Check the video for the acceptance and the heavily visual show they gave to the attendees, reinforcing that Sweden is one of the most metal countries ever.