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Yesterday, the nominees for the 3rd annual Revolver Golden Gods Award Show were announced. In the past, the show’s credibility has been questions. While this year may not resolve those accusations, the Revolver Golden Gods Award Show still remains one of the only U.S. award shows to at the very least acknowledge the genre of metal. And at the very least, they do a better job than another award show we could name.

So with that in mind, Bram and Zach pick out who they predict will win each Golden Gods Award in this week’s Headbangers’ Brawl.

Epiphone Best Guitarist(s):
Zach: My bet’s on Gus G. winning it this year. He’s proven himself to be an awesome guitarist both on Ozzy’s latest album Scream and live. Plus, he’s easily won over many of Ozzy’s diehard fans, which is no easy task considering how loved Zakk Wylde was.

Bram: I’d put money on Gus G. as well, but I don’t think he really deserves to win. It’s not like the band wrote Scream together, and while he is a great guitarist live, I don’t think anyone can name a Firewind song, and until we get to hear songs that he’s written for and with Ozzy, I don’t know that he deserves it.

Who I think should win is Iron Maiden. First of all, they have three guitarists, which rules. Secondly, The Final Frontier is the best record the band’s put out in a decade. And finally, I don’t know if legacy counts for the Golden Gods, but Maiden have it wrapped up compared to everyone else

Drum Workshop Best Drummer:

Z: It’s either a tossup between Joey Jordison or Mike Portnoy. Both have had busy years and have been in the headlines for both their playing and drama surrounding certain bands. However, Portnoy may have seriously experienced backlash from even his hardcore fan base for leaving Dream Theater in such a public matter. So with that in mind, plus with Slipknot on the road to recovery after the passing of Paul Gray, I say Jordison has the edge.
B: It’s a little weird that Jordison is nominated for Zombie and not Murderdolls. And if it was Jordison that died and not Gray, he’d definitely win posthumously, but I don’t think he’ll get the sympathy vote. I’d give it to Portnoy, who proved that there’s life after Dream Theater and that he could adapt to a band like Avenged.
Best Vocalist:
Z: I’m going with Corey Taylor for the same Slipknot factor that gives Joey Jordison the edge for this year’s Best Drummer. Plus, everyone loves Corey Taylor, especially Velvet Revolver. 

B: It depends on what they’re going for with the award. If it’s for being an icon, it would be a toss up between Ozzy and Danzig. If it’ for actual vocals, both of them are out of the running. I still don’t think that there’s a sympathy vote for Taylor, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he won. Personally, Chino Moreno wrote a great album, and I think their ‘ailing bassist’ story is better than Slipknots.

Affliction Album Of The Year:
Z: I’m going with my favorite album of 2010, Avenged Sevenfold’s Nightmare. This album also arguably has the edge since it was voted as the top album of 2010 by Revolver Magazine. Whether their readers agree with that statement will be seen at the award show.

B: No offense to Volbeat, but how the hell did that album get in there? I don’t think it’s anyone’s favorite album. It hasn’t really sold that much. I don’t think any of the albums nominated are essential listening or the best of any of the bands’ careers. I’d give it to Deftones personally, but getting Avenged Sevenfold up to dedicate the album to their fallen drummer will give the ceremony a little gravitas, and that’s where I think the sympathy vote might come in. Then again, Ozzy bassist Blasko is closely tied in with Affliction, who are sponsoring the award… 

Samson Zoom Best Live Band:
Z: Usually Iron Maiden would be the leading contender for such a nomination. But with the big boost of popularity Rammstein received for their first U.S. show in a decade last December, the German industrial flame throwers will most likely win.

B: I agree with you on that, to an extent. Anyone that’s seen Rammstein play in the last decade would think so. The problem is, that the only people that have seen them in the last decade were 20,000 people at Madison Square Garden. Even though they’ll be touring in May, that’ll be after the awards show. I’m gonna go with Maiden.

Most Metal Athlete:
Z: Anyone but The Miz. On a side note, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched wrestling, so I ask the following to all of our wrestling fan readers: Seriously?! The former Real World star is the f’n Heavyweight Champion?!

B: I’d go with Mike Vallely. He’s being managed by Good Fight, so he’s being kept top of mind as a metal athlete. That being said, I don’t really know much about any of them.

Best New Band:
Z: The Damned Things certainly deserve to win, as well as Times Of Grace. But seeing how popular Asking Alexandria have become, and that they are performing at the ceremony, Revolver readers will likely vote for them. :/

B: The Pretty Reckless? Really? Come on Revolver, you should know better. You could have just invited Taylor Momsen to the show and she would have come. I hope either The Damned Thing or Times of Grace win. They’re both side projects more than bands at the end of the day, but they’re solid records. 

Eagle Rock Comeback Of The Year:
Z: Either Soundgarden and Faith No More will win this one despite not doing a full reunion tour in the States. Both are great bands and made a very graceful return, not overdoing it simply for profit.

However, if I may argue why voters should consider another nominee as well: when it comes straight down to it: Accept had an amazing comeback. When the band announced that they were going to reunite without Udo Dirkschneider, fans gasped. Everyone thought it would be a waste of time. Yet new singer Mark Tornillo has done an amazing job as the band’s new singer, and Accept’s latest release Blood Of The Nations was awesome (as well as one of their best selling albums). They may not be selling out arenas, but Accept’s return is nothing less than amazing. Not saying that Soundgarden or Faith No More don’t deserve to win Comeback Of The Year, but just wanted to mention Accept for your consideration.
B: I agree with you on Accept. This category’s fucked, actually. If you think about it, Faith No More, Soundgarden, A Perfect Circle and System of a Down put out one song in the last year combined (Soundgarden’s “Black Rain”). How does a band announcing they’re back constitute being a comeback? There’s talk that Black Sabbath might reunite and record an album. Why aren’t they nominated?
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