Man Taken To Hospital After Claiming To Be Drummer For Whitesnake

Posted by on January 6, 2014

whitesnake2013Well this is a tad strange. On January 2 in Gloucester, Massachusetts, police found a man, whose name has not been released, sleeping in the doorway of an apartment building. Hours later, after finding a cab to escort him home, police were called to assist in another incident with the same man. What’s strange about this incident is that the man claimed that he was the drummer for Whitesnake, though police confirmed this is not true and the man has since been taken to the hospital for evaluation. What’s even stranger is that a similar incident has happened before.

About a year ago a UK man named Scott Travis (not to be confused with Scott Travis of Judas Priest) was accused of fraud and also claimed to be the drummer for Whitesnake. Apparently, back in 2002, he even told his sister he’d be playing with the band at a gig in Manchester Arena. Which, of course, he didn’t. But he sent her tickets anyway, which is nice we guess.

For the record, Tommy Aldridge is the current drummer for Whitesnake (we just assumed you didn’t know), but given the monstrous list of people who have played in Whitesnake, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if one of had been one of these two guys.

[via Blabbermouth.net and Gloucester Times]

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