Serj Tankian says there has been talk about new System of a Down music

Posted by on January 8, 2015

While System of a Down got everyone pretty excited last year by playing KROQ’s ‘Almost Acoustic Christmas’ show, then announcing a world tour to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. And while the band reconvening for shows is cause for excitement, they did that a few years ago, and it’s been ten years since the released an album. While that’s not about to change, in an interview with Rolling Stone, frontman Serj Tankian admitted that there have been talks about new music from the band.

Shifting topics, it’s been 10 years since the last System of a Down album. Are you guys talking about making a new one yet?
There has been talk, and we are going to play this tour, come back and we’re going to see where we are. If we have songs that work for System, if I have them and Daron [Malakian, guitar] has them. The openness is there to work together, but we haven’t made any particular plans that we can announce.

Have you personally written songs with System in mind?
I have a few that could apply, but I’m not sure until the time comes where I can actually play them for the guys and see if it’s something that vibes off them.

Getting back to a new System album, I’m sure your fans are curious where you’re at.
They will be the first to know. Fans will know before the press knows, I assure you.

That’s encouraging news. As one of the most popular metal bands of the early 2000s, there’s definitely demand for  new music from the  band, and the world tour could be a test run to see if they can continue to get along with each other. In the near future, Tankian is working on a film score for a film based on the Armenian genocide, called 1915. Elsewhere in the interview, Tankian gives credit to Kim Kardashian, saying that for all the talk about her, she’s at least commemorating the Armenian genocide annually.


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