Some lucky fans in Seattle won’t have to travel to Lollapalooza in August to see the newly reunited grunge pioneers perform (sorry Perry Farrell). As previously reported, Soundgarden will perform for the first time since 1997 tonight (April 16) at the Showbox at the Market in Seattle, WA. But we didn’t know too much more about the show, including if this was indeed a public event … until now.

Six hours before the show was actually set to take place, the band revealed that fans could purchase tickets through Ticketmaster by using the code “dangersound”. The show, however, is currently sold out. But this wasn’t the only thing the band revealed. Rather than going by Soundgarden, the band will perform tonight under the moniker Nudedragons. While it sounds like a funny character a kindergartener would think up, the joke name is simply an anagram for Soundgarden. Not a hundred percent sure why they went with the new moniker for the show (maybe their appearance at Lollapalooza has a hand in this?), but it’s cool how the band is trying to keep this performance low key. I guess articles like this though don’t help with that … sorry Soundgarden.

I’m sure Youtube will be bombarded with video clips from the show. So stay tuned and keep an eye out for footage of Soundgarden’s return hitting the web.

Update: Very little video from the show has popped up online over the weekend. However, audio of the entire performance has been posted online. Check out to listen to each song from the set (at least before it’s taken down).