I don’t know why we ever thought that a new Limp Bizkit album might have potential to be decent. But with the new sample videos the band has posted on Twitter, we can be assured that Limp Bizkit is the same band we all despised back in high school.

Bizkit frontman Fred Durst posted teaser videos of three songs that will most likely be featured on the band’s new album Gold Cobra. One of the samples titled “Douchebag” boasts the lyric “No way I’m gonna sit back. Gonna cut off the chit chat and break off your kit kat.” So in other words, Durst is writing autobiographically, and hasn’t really changed since 1999.

In the teasers’ defense, the music sounds half decent until Durst’s rapping kicks in. I guess that’s a sign that Limp Bizkit is back in prime form (if you ever considered them having a prime form that is). If you really want to waste a few seconds of your life then go ahead and check them out, but you’ve been warned.

In addition, Durst used Twitter to reveal that Gene Simmons of KISS will make an appearance on the album. Durst even posted a picture of the two in the studio discussing money music.